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USL Jägermeister Cup Standings

e - Eliminated from winning group (still may advance on goals scored)

The USL Jägermeister Cup includes non-traditional modifications that encourage attacking soccer and provide entertaining moments for fans. These include:

  • An emphasis on goals: Goals scored will determine one of the four spots in the knockout round. The three group winners will advance to the knockout rounds, and the fourth playoff spot will be awarded to the non-group winners with the most goals scored in group play.
  • Shootout drama: Matches that finish tied at the end of regulation time will go directly to a penalty-kick shootout, with the shootout winners earning an extra point. Shootout losers will still earn one point for the draw in regulation time.

USL Jägermeister Cup tiebreakers will be achieved by the following criteria, in order of importance: 

1. (Wild Card Determination Only) Goals For in Cup Match Play
2. Head-to-Head Points Earned in Small Group Play **
3. Total Wins in Small Group Play ** 
4. Total Wins in All Cup Matches 
5. Goals For in Small Group Play **
6. Goals For in Cup Match Play **
7. Goals Assist in Cup Match Play
8. Goals Differential in Match Play 
9. Number of disciplinary points (i.e., fewest disciplinary points). 
10. Coin Toss

* Only for 4th seed (wild card) determination; Skip this tie breaker for all other scenarios. 
** Small group is defined as the conference in which any club primarily participates, matches must be Home/Away; If matches are not Home/Away, skip to the next tie breaker. 

Only in the case of determining the "Wild Card" spot does Goals For In Cup Match Play supersede all other tie breakers. In the event that this first tie breaker "Wild Card" spot is tied on Goals For in Cup Match Play, tie breakers 2-10 will be used.