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Texoma FC reveals club identity

By Staff, 12/14/23, 9:00PM EST


Texoma FC unveiled its team colors, badge and identity

Texoma FC unveiled its team colors, badge and identity | Image Credit: Texoma FC

SHERMAN, Texas - USL Texoma, a group dedicated to bringing a professional soccer club to the Texoma region, today unveiled the brand identity of its club. The club will be known as Texoma FC and will possess an identity that resembles and tells the story of the entire region.

Designed by Chris Payne, Texoma FC's identity symbolizes progression, inclusion and unity. The identity is inspired by the football club's unique name and location. With the name Texoma being a combination of Texas and Oklahoma and the club's fanbase being a mixture of communities from Texas and Oklahoma, this identity reflects the duality of the unique nature of the club's location and community.

The colors of our crest are magnolia and red. Magnolia is inspired by Durant’s city nickname: City of Magnolias, whereas red is the color of the famous Red River - a flowing river that is shared by both Texas and Oklahoma and a key feature of the Texoma region.

Texoma is a story of two: Two states, two main cities, two iconic bodies of water, and now, a new identity that features two birds. The bird on the left of the crest is the northern mockingbird - the state bird of Texas; it is strategically placed below the letters TEX (short for Texas). The northern mockingbird, known for its singing and chanting, has its mouth open singing in song.

The bird on the right of the crest is the scissor-tailed flycatcher - the state bird of Oklahoma. It is strategically placed below the letters OMA (short for Oklahoma). This bird is known for its dynamism and predatory instincts. Its tail takes the form of scissors, hence its unique name. The two state birds are working together to protect the football.

Texoma FC, a club dedicated to bringing a professional soccer club to the Texoma region, plans to utilize Historic Bearcat Stadium as the temporary site for a professional USL League One team, followed by a pre-professional USL W League team as the club looks to build its future stadium and facilities.

Texoma FC is led by founders Simon Keizer and Ben Watson. Both Keizer and Watson have significant ties to the Texoma community and an immense passion for growing the sport in the region. Keizer and Watson have spent the past year meeting and engaging with community and soccer leaders from around the globe to shape what is to be the future professional soccer franchise in their hometown.

To follow Texoma FC's progress off the pitch visit the club's website.

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