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From the Pitch - What Does it Mean?

By JJ Donnelly, 06/03/20, 4:15PM EDT


What Does it Mean?

Author - JJ Donnelly
JJ Donnelly
Greenville Triumph SC
June 3, 2020

I want to clear something up.

Black Lives Matters is about equality. It doesn't mean that certain lives mean more than others, in fact people who say that that are missing the point completely. To really understand what we mean, you probably need to come into our communities and see what we see.

Because what we see is inequality. A sense that our lives mean less. That’s unacceptable. Listen, all lives do not matter until Black Lives Matter.

If you didn’t already, now you know.

Black. Lives. Matter.

One more thing, as a proud black father, I’m fighting for my son’s future. I’m fighting so he doesn’t have to step out of his house in fear. Many others are too. We’re fighting so our children don’t have to struggle the way we did when we were growing up.




We’re not asking you to walk in our shoes, we’re asking you to walk next to us.  #BlackLivesMatter.