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Cleat Week - Rank 'Em: Custom League One Cleats For Every Club

By Staff, 07/16/19, 10:01PM EDT


Rank your favorite custom cleats for a chance to win a pair of custom sneakers

USL HQ graphic designers created custom cleats for all ten League One clubs using the teams' home cities and kits as inspiration. Beginning Tuesday morning and continuing through Sunday, July 21, fans can rank their favorite City Cleats in order from 1-10 for a chance to win a pair of custom sneakers created by AB Customz. 

Click the logos below to navigate to each team. To enter the sweepstakes, fill out the information at the bottom of the page and rank the cleats from 1-10. The winner will be notified via email on Monday, July 22.   

Chattanooga Red Wolves SC FC Tucson Forward Madison FC Greenville Triumph Lansing Ignite North Texas SC Orlando City B Richmond Kickers South Georgia Tormenta FC Toronto FC II

"After some research on the Red Wolves’ brand and the city of Chattanooga, I decided that I wanted my design to embody the beautiful and expansive landscape of Chattanooga. The overall color scheme was inspired by the background of the crest and the team’s warmups. The inside of the cleat showcases the wolf which exemplifies the team’s stamina, speed and strength."

"My design is a homage to the work of Erik von Weber, the creator of the Tucson logo. I wanted to bring individual elements of the logo into my cleat design. The band of arrows moving up the shoe is a more modern take on the overall arrowhead shape of the logo badge. Then I directly took the typeface from the logo to clearly show the teams name and established year. The color gradient is combination of the Tucson desert inspired color palette. In the background, I was drawn to the pattern Weber used to represent the skin of lizards, snakes, and the netting of the goal."

"My inspiration for my design came from the awesome black and gold goalkeeper kits and, as a washed-up college lacrosse goalie, I had to give my fellow goalkeepers some love. I wanted to go with an edgy, street style design that expressed Madison’s personality. In true #FullMingo fashion, I incorporated elements from the entire Forward Madison brand, which can be found throughout their line of merch as well as in their different kits."

"This boot’s design is built up of two main features. First, the mountains from the Triumph crest are brought to the toe of the boot. Second, the green hoop with blue accents from Greenville’s away kit is repeated across the length of the cleat, creating a predominately green pattern that fades from dark to light like the crest. Additionally, overlapping dark blue and light blue from the mountains are reflected in the laces."

"My design was inspired by Lansing’s unique stripe pattern and logo that are full of energy and excitement. This unique stripe pattern is carried through Lansing’s designs on social media to their orange home kits. The color scheme comes from Lansing’s primary logo – orange symbolizes the club’s intensity and energy, navy symbolizes power and red symbolizes passion. The spark plug is a symbol of inspiration and pays homage to Lansing’s automotive heritage as well as being a symbol of creativity. I also incorporated the 517 area code that represents Lansing as Michigan’s capital city just like the patch that is displayed in the lower corner on all four kits."

"My design for North Texas was inspired by their website, which had triangle to represent the North Texas Pyramid connecting all the Texas teams together. The gray stripe is used to unify the soccer development system and impart a sense of continuous growth. The colors pay homage to those represented in the FC Dallas logo as well as the Texas state flag."

"My design was inspired by the work of David Brotherton, the creator of the Orlando City B logo. I wanted to pick apart what he and fans said the logo embodied about Orlando City. Just like the logo, I kept my central focus on the lion, indicating strength and pride. Then, I put emphasis and spark to the 21 sun rays that make up the lion’s mane to represent the Sunshine State. The final touch is the color purple, the feature that differentiates Orlando City from any other club in North American Soccer and that inspires the fans’ motto “The Future is Purple”."

"My Richmond design started with stripes to match the style of their main jerseys. To include the whole team, I included the texture of the goalie kit to represent that it’s more than a team – it’s an army. Not just one person goes to “war”; the whole team does. This is the reason for including “Red Army” in the design. The kangaroo is Richmond’s mascot, and he is wearing the Section 0 shirt to pay homage to the supporters section at City Stadium."

"My design was inspired by Tormenta’s exciting and fun color scheme and their logo comprised of an ibis engulfed in a storm with cloudy skies and rolling waves. The ibis is a bird that may not strike fear into a competitor, but represents the mindset of a champion. Ibises are the last to leave when a storm hits and the first to return to the area. Tormenta FC has embraced the mindset of their mascot by not shying away from any challenge, but rather inviting them."

"Toronto FC II’s logo makes strong use of a red, grey, and white color palette, with the “II” in the background of the logo creating an alternating pattern of dark and light grey stripes with a white border. This boot abstracts those stripes and randomizes their colors and rotation to create an overlapping pattern than covers the entire shoe."

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