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Group Stage Standings


In the Group Stage, the winner of each best-of-three series will receive three points, and the loser will receive zero points. The two teams from each group with the most points at the end of the Group Stage will advance to the Knockout Round 

The tournament will use Rocket League tiebreakers: 

  • First Tiebreaker - Overall Game Differential

    • The total number of Games won by a Team minus the total number of Games lost by such Team ("Game Differential").

  • Second Tiebreaker - Head to Head results 

    • Game Differential in Games between tied Teams 

  • Third Tiebreaker - Highest Goal Differential in Games between tied Teams

    • "Goal Differential" is defined as the total goals scored by a Team minus the total goals allowed by such Team.

  • Fourth Tiebreaker - Overall Goal Differential in the tournament

A forfeit will result in two 2-0 wins in the best-of-three match for the non-forfeiting team. The non-forfeiting team will finish the match with a +4 goal differential.